Temporary Builders Utility Supplies

Does your site require temporary builders utility supplies?

Imagine this scenario. After many months of planning, working out costings and arranging for machinery to be on site; along with all the hard work that goes into a new project; the first day of on-site work arrives. However, once work is ready to commence it becomes apparent that there is no utilities available on site to utilise as building supplies providing welfare and compound facilities. Not only does this mean that your workforce are unable to use the facilities within the site cabin, but furthermore it slows down the project from the very beginning. 

The effects of temporary builders supplies not being ready at the very start of your new build are as follows:

  • No water available for welfare facilities
  • The need to use generators at a high running cost
  • Hinders your workforce
  • Slows down or delays the beginning of a new build
  • The knock on effect of potentially increasing the timescale of the project

Powersave Direct can help organise your temporary builders supplies.

Temporary builders utility supplies


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