Site Pre-Tendering Service

Purchasing land or applying for a tender?

When purchasing land or applying for a tender the associated utility costs can often prove to be somewhat of a mystery. Therefore, it is difficult to truly figure out your budget costs which could potentially be the difference between winning or losing a tender bid. Of course guessing these costs can also have an impact on your profit at the end of the project. Our site pre-tendering service can help.

Are any of these utility nightmares familiar?

  • Difficulty in obtaining utility costs for your tender?
  • Wasting precious time dealing with utility companies?
  • Panicking about having to guess provisional sums for your tenders?
  • Struggling to identify what hidden terrors lie within your land?
  • Worried about the unkown expense of diversions?

Powersave Direct can carry out the required research to provide you with a thorough, yet simple to understand, report on the utility connection costs for your potential new project. Contact us below or to obtain a quote click here


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