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Utility connections for industrial works

All industrial buildings, from a small warehouse or workshop to a large scale manufacturing plant, require utility connections so that work can be carried out.

Firstly, an electrical connection is a must, even if it’s simply for the good old fashioned light bulb to work!

Secondly, a water connection can easily be taken for granted, but it is a necessity for employee welfare. Without it amenities could not be used. Additionally, many factory machines and tools, such as cutting and CAD/CAM machines, require a water supply to function correctly.

Next is the requirement for a gas connection. At it’s simplest this is used for the majority of heating systems, although it is also commonly needed for gas hobs or ovens in any catering facilities that may be found onsite, or any tools and machinery that run off or require gas.

Lastly a telephone connection and/or broadband connection, is now considered mandatory for the majority of businesses. The specifications can range from a simple phone line and basic internet to high speed fibre optic broadband for the fastest connections and to help meet industry 4.0 standards.

Powersave Direct are experienced in coordinating utility connections for industry, having assisted on many projects from new warehouse builds to updating of the utility connections for older buildings. The later in particular, asks for as smooth a transition period as possible, to help minimize downtime and consequently loss of earnings.

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