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Powersave Direct are the UK’s leading utility consultancy with a client list that includes some of the biggest names in UK construction.

We pride ourselves on co-ordinating utility connections, disconnections and diversions of gas, water, electricity and BT supplies with a maximum of speed, professionalism and effort. We also provide the most up to date plans of existing utility supplies surrounding a site and budget costings for tender purposes.

For any development there are a number of important considerations the builder must make with regard to utility connections:

  • The length of time the builder will devote to administering the utility connections
  • The importance of successfully co-ordinating both permanent utility connections and temporary builders supplies
  • The difficulty in obtaining existing service layouts and budget utility costings for tender purposes
  • The detrimental impact that co-ordinating utility connections in-house has on the builder
  • The reliability of a utility companies performance and difficulty in obtaining reliable contacts to work successfully with the builder
  • The pain and hassle associated with co-ordinating utility connections in-house
  • The implications of the site failing to complete on time due to the performance of the various utility companies

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